About the game My role
8 months
Gameflow designer
Contents designer

Due to copyright, I cannot post any images from Sharkworld on this site. Please follow the "Game" button to the Sharkworld Website for more information.

Sharkworld is a serious game that puts you in the role of a project manager overseeing the construction of Sharkworld. The goal is to communicate with clients, plan the project as well as other tasks, while solving the mystery of all the suspicious things that are happening while Sharkworld is being constructed. This game is meant as a teaching tool to future project managers and has won a wide variety of awards.

During my internship at a Dutch company called Ranj, I was tasked with various design tasks for this game. My main responsibility was that of a gameflow and contents designer, where I designed the narrative flow as well as things like contents of conversations and emails.

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