Pirates Adventure

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1 year
Game designer
Graphic designer

Pirates Adventure is a side-scrolling action adventure, much like Link's Adventure and Battle of Olympus. You play as Morgan, a pirate captain that was betrayed by his crew and is now in search of the legendary treasure of Twist. I have always wanted to make a game like The Legend of Zelda and I love pirates, which is how this game was born.

I started this project as a training for myself. Up until this point, I had never programmed before, which made it difficult for me to test my designs. For that reason, I started learning the Unreal Development Kit, so that I would become able to create simple games. It is for that reason I took on so many tasks. Pirates Adventure is not ready yet, and one day I hope to gather a team so we can make a playable game out of this idea.

In its current state, Pirates Adventure has primarly been used for my research and user experiments, when I started studying at Kyushu University.

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Pirates Adventure screenshot Pirates Adventure screenshot
Pirates Adventure screenshot Pirates Adventure screenshot