About the game My role
6 months
Lead game designer
Graphic designer

This game requires specialized hardware, which is currently unavailable. It can be played with mouse, but it will not have the same impact.

Olympos is an exercise game, where the player tries to save ancient Greece that has been turned to stone. To do this, the player needs to do exercises in order to overcome foes and obstacles.

This serious game project was an assignment from the Dutch hardware company Phillips. It was around the time the Wii Fit was released and Philips wanted to make a game like it, with the focus on strength training. Using a special motion censor developed by Philips, we created this exercise game. Instead of a virtual trainer, we used narrative as the primary motivator for playing. My role was that of a lead game designer and, when we were nearing the end of the project, I helped out with graphic design as well.

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Olympos screenshot Olympos screenshot
Olympos screenshot Olympos screenshot