Magic Forest

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6 months
Game designer
Graphic designer

Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?!, or Magic Forest in short, is a puzzle game where the goal is to guide the character Max from his starting position all until the finish. However, since he cannot move well by himself and everything in the forest is either lethal or wants to eat him, the player has to place items in order to make sure Max stays safe.

This game is a project that I started in cooperation with a music composer from Okayama. We wanted to have a fully playable game for our portfolio, which is why we decided on this particular game. The game is actually a remake of a game I designed a few years ago for mobile phone, but went nowhere since shortly after the mobile market was completely overtaken by the iPhone. However, the puzzle theme worked really well on the PC, so a new version was quickly made. I took on many roles during this project, but was able to finish this prototype within 6 months. We managed to finish 17 completely playable levels within 6 months of time.

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Magic Forest screenshot Magic Forest screenshot
Magic Forest screenshot Magic Forest screenshot