Linear Assault

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6 months
Game designer
Graphic designer

Linear Assault is a tower defence game, in where the player has to protect their base from waves of enemy tanks. What makes this game unique however, is how to damage the enemy. Instead of direct damage, the player needs to cause massive collisions between the enemies. To do this, the player has a wide array of weapons at his disposal, from lasers to plasma weapons that expand upon impact. However, the foes are not to be taken lightly. The tanks will come with a wide variety of special skills themselves, adding an extra layers of tactics to this game.

This project was made in cooperation with a Dutch company. It is a sequel to a game that won an award at a Dutch game festival and with this game, we wanted to make a tower defence game that was not like normal tower defence games. My roles were that of a graphic designer and gamedesigner, since the company I was working with was lacking those professions.

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Linear Assault screenshot Linear Assault screenshot
Linear Assault screenshot Linear Assault screenshot