About the game My role
6 months
Lead game designer
Level designer

This game requires 2-4 Wii controllers as well as a bluetooth connection to PC to work.

Grapplon is a game where up to four players will battle it out in the middle of space. Each player is given a hook, that enables the player to grab meteorites and throw them at players. Since it takes place in the middle of space, there is a wide variety of other dangers such as black holes, worm holes, stars and other planets.

This game project was an assignment from one of THQ's studios, namely Bluetongue. Since Super Smash Bros Brawl had just come out, they wanted us to design a game like it for the Wii, but revolving around physics. Grapplon was our answer. My role was that of a lead gamedesigner, and I had to lead a team of 2 other designers. I was also responsible for the core game design and later helped out with the level design.

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Grapplon screenshot Grapplon screenshot