Studio Crimson - online portfolio

Welcome to Studio Crimson!

I am a game designer who hails from the Netherlands. I have always loved games, and knew from a young age I wanted to become a designer!

As a gamedesigner, I wish to design experiences that everyone can enjoy. I have always loved games as a medium for storytelling and letting the player experience rich and vast worlds. Furthermore, I am curious by nature. I love trying out new genres to expand my own knowledgebase.

Throughout the years, I have worked on a multitude of projects across a wide variety of genres. This has given me a wealth of experience that I believe make a me a very effective designer. Furthermore, I have also dabbled in fields like graphic design, so that I will be better able to communicate with other team members from different professions. This has also led me to become able to build prototypes, which is a useful skill to test my designs.

My specializations are gamedesign, leveldesign and UIdesign. However, no matter what field I am designing for, my focus is always on the usability of the design. Usability is of utmost importance to make games more accessible to people of varying levels of game literacy, and I feel that its importance to design will only continue to grow.

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